During the development of the game it was formed an audiovisual collective called Beya Xinã Bena. The collective made a series of videos about the life and stories of the Huni Kuin People from Jordão River.

Dau Kuin means true medicine and the video shows the knowledge of he healing plants of the Huni Kuin People, as shower plants, plants for the eyes, nixi pae (ayahuasca), kawa (chacrona) and rapé.

Bakawa shows the tre traditional way of fishing using tingui, a compound of the forest to catch fishes.

Yunu Kena brings a bit of the everyday life related to food, the banana crop, the preparation of the cord, caiçuma, manioc and peanuts by the women.

This video shows the jenipapo paiting and the kenes, graphical patterns used by the Kaxinawa Indians to make their painting in the body, drawings, handcraft and others.

Interview (TV Brasil).

Entrevista (Observatório Itaú Cultural).